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Pre-Bid Services

 What Are Pre-Bid Services?  

SBE’s mission through pre-bid services is to maintain accurate, up-to-date information on projects as they proceed through the design phase. Pre-Bid information includes project name, location, design phase and anticipated bid date. We also try to include any other important information we can find, such as: master plans, preliminary drawings, site studies, etc.
The planroom staff updates information as soon as it is provided in order to avoid the chance that contrac-tors and subcontractors are misinformed or overlook information all together. Information is tracked back to a legitimate source to verify the accuracy of what is published. SBE remains committed to helping mem-bers gain a competitive edge.
What are some Benefits of Pre-Bid Information?  
  • Pre-Bid Reporting facilitates open communication from concept through completion of projects.
  • Provides opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to recommend new materials that may be included in the contract documents.
  • Helps establish environmental needs, testing services required, permits required and specialty equip-ment needed early on, so that potential bidders are aware of the requirements prior to committing themselves to the project.
  • Contractors can bid with a higher degree of confidence and there is less chance of hidden costs or problems that can really impact the bottom line.
Christine Thompson is the contact person for pre-bid.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions, 315.437.9936 x14 or cthompson@syrabex.com
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