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- $370 per year


View extensive construction project data access via syrabex.com


View bidders lists


View low bidders and contract awards


Add your company to bidders lists or update company information


Order individual or selected drawings


Receive e-mails for project changes

  UPGRADED SYRABEX MEMBERSHIP - An additional $595 per year plus NYS Sales Tax


All of the benefits and services under Syracuse Builders Exchange Basic Membership


OCR Search (Ability to search for keywords within a document)


View plans, specifications, and addenda online from home or office computer


Print plans, specifications, and addenda online from home or office computer

 PRE-BID SERVICE- Included with Upgraded Membership


Pre-Bid Reporting facilitates open communication from concept through completion of projects.


Provides opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to recommend new materials that may be included in the contract documents.


Helps establish environmental needs, testing services required, permits required and specialty equipment needed early on, so that potential bidders are aware of the requirements prior to committing themselves to the project.


 After completion of the online application below, an invoice will be sent to your company for payment.


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